High-Performance Eye Tracker at Low Cost
Hardware and Software System
Portable Device

Simply plug FOXIE into your machine via USB,
install our application and you are good to go with your groundbreaking research. FOXIE fits in a small box, so you can even take your research outside of the lab!
Flexible Researcher Interface
Regain control of your experiments by customising the system for your research needs.

Type in your own Python code or launch GUI programs for experiment design and data analysis directly from the console.

Best cost/performance solution on the market

High-Performance Eye Tracking has never been so affordable.

Just don't compromise on data quality.


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Academic Research
Facilitating research in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology and Vision
Clinical Research
Linking abnormalities in eye movements to brain-related disorders
Gaze Interaction
Controlling the computer with your gaze alone
Foxie Specs
Sampling Frequency
700 Hz Monocular
Total System Latency
1.4 ms

0.05° RMS
Pupil Detection
Dark Pupil
Pupil Tracking
Ellipse Fitting
Operating Distance
30-60 cm
Operating Environment
Windows, Mac and Linux support
Request a demo
Depending on the coronavirus situation we will either bring FOXIE to your organization or send it to you by post and provide instructions via video call
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