High Performance Eye Tracker at Low Cost
Hardware and Software System
enabling low latency registration
of 700 Gaze Samples per second,
mindfully designed for researchers
to perform experiments
Foxie Benefits
Best cost/performance solution on the market
High Performance Eye Tracking have never been so affordable.
Simply plug the device via USB into your computer, install our application and you are all set for the groundbreaking research
Flexible Researcher Interface
The modularity of the software allows to customise the system for your own research needs. Embedded IPython console enables zero latency data sharing between Eye Tracker and our app. Type in Python functions or launch GUI programs for experiment design and data analysis directly from the console
Academic Research
Scientific research in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology and Vision
Marketing & UX
Analysis of the effectiveness of adverts and websites
Gaze Interaction
Assistive communication tool
Foxie Specs
Sampling Frequency
700 Hz Monocular
Total System Latency
1.4 ms
Pupil Detection
Dark Pupil
Pupil Tracking
Ellipse Fitting
Operating Distance
30-60 cm
Operating Environment
Windows, Mac and Linux support
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