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FOXIE was designed to be an easy-to use,
affordable Eye Tracking system
that provides high-quality data output


Portable Device

Simply plug FOXIE into your machine via USB,
install our application and you are good to go with your groundbreaking research. FOXIE fits in a small case, so you can even take your research with you outside the lab.

Tired of making the trade-off between collecting high-quality eye movements data and capturing natural human behavior?

With FOXIE you no longer have to!
Our AI algorithms will suggest you an optimal position in front of the Eye Tracker and will correct for the head movements behind the scenes.

The World’s First Virtual Chinrest

Experiment Design Kit
Together with Purple Gaze Lab software for acquiring high-quality eye movements data we provide Experiment Design Kit (EDK) - a collection of Python libraries that serve as building blocks for your experiments.

If our default functions are not suitable for your experiment (e.g. you need custom calibration), you can always replace them with your own in a simple fashion. To better guide you in using the EDK, we have developed an Experiments Gallery with templates that you can modify for your own purposes or simply use for inspiration.

In the Anti-Saccade task, a circle appears on the side of the screen. When the circle is green, the participant should make an eye movement toward the circle. But when the circle is red, the participant must look to the other side of the screen.

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Emotion Recognition

In the Emotion Recognition task, twelve emotional stimuli corresponding to six basic emotions (i.e. anger, fear, disgust, joy, sadness, and surprise) are presented. After each trial participants are required to recognize the emotional expression.

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Visual Paired Comparison

During the familiarization phase of VPC participants are shown two identical stimuli for the first time. Then in a test phase participants are simultaneously shown one of the previously seen 'familiar' stimuli and one 'novel' stimulus.

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Foxie Specs
Sampling Frequency
Up to 625 Hz
Total System Latency
1.4 ms

0.05° RMS
Pupil Detection
Dark Pupil
Pupil Tracking
Ellipse Fitting
Operating Distance
30-60 cm
Operating Environment
Windows, Mac and Linux support
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