Leverage insights from our expert neuroscientists
on experiment design and analysis of Eye Tracking & EEG data
Why Work With Us?
We pioneer the integration of advanced neuroscience into consumer experience design and analytics, offering unparalleled insights that transcend traditional market research.

Our neuroservices decode the subconscious preferences and behaviors of your audience, empowering your brand to design experiences that resonate on a deeper psychological level.
Meet our neuroscience experts
  • Nicolás Bruno
    Neural Data Scientist
    Nicolás has an MS in Cognitive Sciences from École Normale Supérieurer in Paris and is currently pursuing a PhD at the National University of Cordoba, where he investigates mind wandering using combined Eye Tracking & EEG paradigm.

    Nicolás is the founding member of the NeuroTechX Buenos Aires chapter and Neurotransmitiendo, a non-profit organization designated to promote neuroscience education in Latin America.
  • Kat Kordas
    Neural Data Scientist
    Kat has a BS in Psychology from Leiden University and an MS in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Kat has a background in psycholinguistics and before joining Purple Gaze she conducted EEG data analysis at the Sleep and Memory Lab in Amsterdam.

    Outside of the working environment, Kat is a keen gardener who loves to grow and preserve her own food.

What Will You Get?
  • Deep Consumer Insights
    Unveil hidden consumer preferences and unconscious responses to your products and marketing materials, offering a level of understanding beyond what conventional research can provide.
  • Enhanced Product Design
    Leverage neuroscience data to refine product designs, packaging, and branding that resonate with your consumers on an instinctual level, driving increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Optimized Marketing Strategies
    Utilize neuroscience data to craft marketing campaigns that capture attention, evoke desired emotions, and encourage engagement, maximizing ROI on advertising spend.

  • Data-Driven Decisions
    Make informed decisions backed by comprehensive neuroanalytical reports, transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights.

  • Future-Proof Strategies
    Equip your brand with forward-thinking approaches to consumer research and experience design, ensuring long-term relevance and consumer engagement in an evolving market.
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